Piano Tuning and Repairs


Tuning is the adjustment of the tension of the piano strings to correct the pitch.   Changes in environment during hot and cold months cause string pressure to fluctuate. This makes piano strings change pitch (what’s commonly said to be “out of tune”). To keep your piano in optimal condition, you should have your piano serviced every 6 months. If you recently moved your piano, your piano will need additional tunings to get it back in proper pitch.

If your piano has not been serviced on a regular basis, it may need a pitch raise. This is required when a piano is extremely "out of tune" and adjusting the tension of the strings all at once would damage the piano. I will let you know if this is required when I inspect your piano at your appointment.

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Many minor repairs can be done during a normal tuning session. If additonal work is required beyond a basic piano tuning, I will let you know this prior to the start of work. Any work beyond minor repairs is billed at my hourly rate, in addition to the cost of your tuning.


It is my practice to contact clients 2 days prior to their set appointments to confirm availability. I request 24 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment. Appointments that are canceled with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a $50 cancelation fee. An invoice will be provided and payment is due at time of service.