" We have had Adlai tune two pianos that were very out of tune and couldn't be more impressed. We will definitely continue using him and highly recommend him to others! He has been incredibly kind, and I am impressed with how easy it is to communicate with him and have him in our home. He is not only tuning our piano, but teaching me about how our piano works, what I can do to take care of it, and what he notices thinking ahead so we can be thinking about what it may need in the future. He is honest, open, and not judgmental! I have really appreciated having him and would recommend him without hesitation!" -Laura D., Williston, VT  October, 2018

"Adlai gave my neglected piano the TLC, expert care and tuning it needed for so long. His attention to detail was impressive. I would highly recommend Adlai and will surely have him back!"             

  -Kay N., Berlin, VT September, 2018

"Adlai Waxman tuned our piano this week, and we are so pleased with his work!  I was impressed by his knowledge, his skill, and his careful work while tuning a very old piano.  Adlai is friendly, prompt, and professional--and we highly recommend him!"  

  -Susan P.,  Middlesex, VT   January, 2018 

"Adlai Waxman of Waxman Piano Service came and tuned our piano today. I had looked into what goes into properly tuning a piano before he got to the house and it's almost like a science! He was focused and remained very pleasantly so, even throughout the multiple distractions we gave him. His equipment was impressive, and he was successful in describing the complex process of tuning the 200+strings that made up the 88 keys.

Adlai was a diamond in the rough craftsman, which is why I came on here to recommend him. His price was extraordinarily reasonable, and when we asked for advice about a community installed piano in downtown Burlington, he lit up like a firework and offered his time for such a project, which really showed us his kindness." Teri. C via Front Porch Forum, January, 2018


"I would recommend Adlai Waxman for tuning your piano.  We had a piano that had not been tuned in over ten years and just sitting without much use.  We were impressed with Adlai’s knowledge and patience with how careful he had to be since it was so out of tune.  In addition, he inspected the entire piano and gave other recommendations for cleaning, etc.  He was friendly, flexible with appointments, and reasonably priced.  We plan to continue using him in the future!"   - Kevin C.,  Williston, VT September, 2017

"Adlai is extremely professional and thorough. He spent two sessions working on my piano that had not been tuned for many years. He explained everything to me and made the piano sound wonderful again. On top of providing quality service, he was friendly to work with and flexible with scheduling. It is very evident that he takes pride in his work. I would highly recommend him to anyone without question."  -AnnMarie J.,  Richmond, VT  September, 2017

"Our piano is nothing amazing, but Adlai took care and it sounds great! He was prompt and friendly and got right to work. He was very knowledgable and explained everything. He also stands by his work and offered adjustments if needed right after the tuning. We also appreciated that he's going to check in with us in a few months...we go too long between tunings simply because we forget! We'll definitely have him back! " - Katya D.,  Waterbury, VT    August 2017

"Adlai was great to work with; he was prompt, professional, and tuned my piano back into shape. He is very talented at what he does, and I highly recommend him for your piano tuning needs."      - Sydney D., Burlington, VT  August 2017

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